43 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

Ep #5: Investing in Student Housing with Jeff Greenberg

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If you’re interested in real estate investing, which space suits you best? Single-family, multifamily, senior living, or student housing? Real estate is a great way to diversify and expand your wealth.  

In this episode, Wayne talks to Jeff Greenberg, CEO and Managing Member of Synergetic Investment Group (SIG). Jeff has invested in multifamily and student housing assets in various markets for several years. It’s about knowing and trusting who you are dealing with.  

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Banks, Prices, and Time: Reasons why Jeff shifted from single-family to student housing
  • Student Housing: Stabilized or value add, which direction to go? 
  • Finding to Fundraising Deals: Jeff’s seeking high-quality deal sponsors for partnerships 
  • COVID Changes: Student housing is recession resilient, it may not be pandemic resilient
  • Multifamily vs. Student Housing: Similarities/differences involve location, safety, turnover
  • Social Media and Marketing: Depends on properties and available options
  • Rental Rates: Student housing based on affordability, not square footage or amenities
  • Value-Add Strategies: Increase rents via renovations, furnishings, WiFi, and security
  • Joint Cooperation and Acceptance: Support from campuses to provide safe environment
  • Financing: Some lenders hesitant about student housing, others willing to provide loans
  • Real Estate Investing: Be sufficiently funded to cover unexpected events, (i.e., COVID) 
  • Due Diligence: Protect yourself by learning and researching passive and active investing 

Links and Resources:

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