53 minutes | Jun 19th 2020

Ep #3: From $7 to Acquiring over $350M Real Estate Investment Portfolio with Vinney (Smile) Chopra

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With a strong work ethic and positive attitude, you can achieve your hopes and dreams of becoming a successful multifamily investor and syndicator. 

In this episode, Wayne talks to Vinney (Smile) Chopra with Moneil Investment Group. A mechanical engineer turned successful real estate investor and syndicator, motivational speaker and teacher from India, Vinney believes in everybody’s ability to shape the world through positive thought and selfless actions. 

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • The Good: Start small and stay the course to achieve financial benefits
  • The Bad: Inability to scale up quickly and purchase more apartments with own money
  • Syndication: Pulling and raising money legally for a common goal to make profit
  • Drawbacks: No track record, no bank loans, no money to buy properties
  • Due Diligence Problems: Don’t cut corners; costs more and causes trouble 
  • What’s in the best interest for investors, residents, team members, and vendors?
  • Communication: Personalized presentation and full disclosure of property/asset
  • Happy Family: Monica and Neil equal Moneil brand to leave behind legacy wealth
  • Syndicators must keep five plates spinning in the air: 
    • Build superb teams
    • Build investor lists and relationships
    • Understand underwriting and analyze deals
    • Loan qualification
    • Property takeover and management
  • Passive Investing: Limit principals, request track records, and review criteria to buy 
  • Syndicator Succession Plan and Systems: What happens if…? 
  • Silver Tsunami: Shift to assisted living space to meet demographic demand 

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