38 minutes | Jul 1st 2020

Michael Lane: Changing Lives: Building Multi-million Dollar Businesses with True Purpose

Michael Lane’s story is one of grit, courage, obsession and creating a lasting impact.Michael Lane is a very successful entrepreneur who is in the business of educating entrepreneurs through Success Resources, the world’s largest education seminar company. This is his primary business where he has run over 500+ seminars all over the world. It’s a jam-packed conversation where he shares his success tips, learnings, purpose and obstacles he’s gone through over the course of his businesses’ growth.[02:10] Dealing with what’s happening right now and what’s on the other side for Michael.[06:59] Getting your system out of panic and fear.[09:32] Taking care of and making his employees feel comfortable and at ease.[12:33] The lessons he has learnt through his entrepreneurial journey that are coming in handy now.[18:26] How Michael became a person who attracts a high calibre of speakers.[20:57] The number of businesses he has tried before he built Success Resources.[24:08] Knowing when to stop and start a business.[32:47] The importance of the abundance mindset and long-term visions in your life.Success Resources WebsiteSuccess Resources FacebookSuccess Resources TwitterSuccess Resources PinterestSuccess Resources YouTubeSuccess Resources Instagram
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