34 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

Lisa Teh: Making Things Happen: Turning Dreams Into Reality

Pursue your passion and don’t give up - this is what Lisa Teh teaches us in this episode of Unstoppable Leaders. Lisa was previously a tax consultant who ventured into the world of business ownership and freed herself from her 9 to 5 job. She shares her interesting and courageous journey from studying law to building and growing 5 ventures. She is a gamechanger and an inspiration to many. If you are looking for inspiration or want to learn more from other people’s experiences, this episode is for you. [01:27] Lisa’s ventures and businesses.[02:13] Studying law and eventually building her own business.[05:38] Experiencing imposter syndrome.[06:56] Practical things she did to get the courage to start her ventures.[10:10] Making different ventures happen all at the same time.[13:15] Tools she uses to assess the strengths of her team.[17:23] How she works on partnerships in business.[22:39] Lisa talks about their podcast, Lick.[26:36] Future plans for Lisa QUOTES“People will always have a safety net to fall back on. But if you let it, you can end up being sucked in a job you hate for years and years.”“If you can almost turn around the way you’re looking at your situation, use it as something that’s going to motivate you to make a change because you have that ability. Only you have that ability to change your situation. So if you’re not happy about it, then bloody do something about it.”“We have a culture where we try to accept everyone for who they are, We are very much a strength based business. You always want to be improving your employees. You also want to accept them for their strengths because that’s when they’re going to perform their best. Give them a role where they’re going to excel and help them develop and be the best they can be because that’s the much shorter part from getting good to great.”“Not everyone has been lucky enough to find something they’re passionate about but I want to say ‘Don’t give up!’ Keep looking because it’s out there. You might have to go through a bit more heartache to find it but just never give up.” Lisa Teh LinkedInLisa Teh InstagramLisa Teh TikTok @lisateh
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