26 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

Jeremy Fleming: Australia’s Famous COVID-19 Pivot: The Inspiring Stagekings Story

The Stagekings story is a famous and inspiring one.

How do you turn your business around during a pandemic like COVID-19? My guest, Jeremy Fleming of Stagekings, didn’t let fear get in his way as he set up a new business a week after he lost almost 98% of his original business. Not only did he double his staff, he also raised $30,000 to help a charity in a very short timeframe. Jeremy’s story is truly inspiring, and I know you’ll pick up several nuggets of wisdom and lessons in mental toughness and pivoting to growth during these unprecedented times.

Jeremy Fleming of Stagekings

  • [01:36] Jeremy’s business and the success he had 5 years in the industry.
  • [03:53] The story of what happened to his business when COVID hit.
  • [05:45] Dealing with the issues they faced in their business and life.
  • [07:56] How they came up with the idea on what they are doing now.
  • [10:13] Focusing on a niche.
  • [10:57] Starting the new business.
  • [12:46] Helping a non-profit organisation in the 1st week of their new business.
  • [13:52] Employing more people now than before.
  • [14:32] Onboarding their team in a very short time.
  • [14:28] The products they’ve launched since their business started.
  • [16:36] Their plans for their previous business.
  • [17:15] The platforms they use for marketing.
  • [20:06] The story behind the Interesting naming conventions for their products.
  • [21:39] Future plans for their new business.
  • [22:54] Jeremy’s advice for people who are stuck at the moment.
  • [23:56] How Jeremy didn’t let fear creep in given the situation.