29 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

Jahan Kalantar: How to Build Resilience During Challenging Times

In this episode of the Unstoppable Leaders Podcast, I’m so happy to share my conversation with Jahan Kalantar, a lawyer, human rights activist, lecturer and TedX speaker. He describes himself as a little guy lawyer who attributes his human rights learnings to his proud Persian heritage, a dislike of bullies and the belief that one person can make a difference. We talk about so many interesting things including courage, developing resilience, making a difference in the lives of others and apologies. This episode is full of wisdom and practical tips so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.[01:08] Jahan shares why he calls himself “the little guy lawyer.”[02:03] The reason why he pursued law and human rights.[05:25] He talks about a topic he is passionate about: bullying.[07:17] Helping young people in the area of resilience.[12:50] Jahan talks about the book, The Resilience Project.[13:43] The practical ways he has helped young people who are in difficult situations.[16:43] The story of how he ended up in TedX.[21:52] The power of heartfelt apologies.[22:28] Sharing about his future plans. “Resilience is not ‘not getting knocked down.’ Resilience is what we do when we get knocked down. How do we step up against and learn from the things we can learn from, discount the things that we can’t learn from and move forward again.”“Mindfulness is an idea that you exist in a moment and you inhabit that moment and give yourself fully to that moment. Like in this conversation that we’re having I feel that I’m giving you the best version of myself and I’m receiving the best version of you… and that’s a powerful thing.”“If we can teach children that emotions are mendable and manageable we will do an enormous service for the world.”Links:Jahan Kalantar WebsiteJahan Kalantar InstagramEmail: info@executivelegal.com.auBook: The Resilience Project
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