33 minutes | Aug 17th 2020

Franziska Iseli: Living Boldly - A Journey Through Self-discovery

What principles do you follow to live your life boldly? I’ve invited Franziska Iseli to join us on the podcast to talk about her latest book which talks about 13 principles to living boldly. She is a leading marketing and brand strategist maverick entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple organizations. She is a crazy mad adventurer who has traveled to over 100 countries and counting. In this episode we talk about her life experiences and building the courage to make life-changing decisions. Her best-selling book “The Courage Map: 13 Principles to Living Boldly” is the reason why we’re talking today. [02:05] Moving from Switzerland to Australia and starting her first business.[05:10] Asking herself one question from her book.[07:18] The experience and journey she took from Switzerland to Kazakhstan.[09:57] Her favourite principle from her book.[12:00] Her personal experiences in the decisions and actions she made that took courage to do.[15:52] The meaning of the Non-Attachment principle.[19:16] Asking the question “What if you lost everything, how would it be?”[22:04] The explanation of the Flow principle.[26:57] The impact she wants her book to have. QUOTESThat question that you asked it’s almost the reason why I’ve written this book - to share a journey and hoping with the intention that other people will ask themselves that question if they have the courage, what would they do.I always wanted to build my business to support my values, and one of my top values is freedom. So if i have the freedom to go home to switzerland and travel a lot without feeling trapped then that’s the right business to build.Non-attachment is not that you can’t own anything but it’s that nothing owns you. You don’t want to be owned by stuff or emotions or certain outcomes. Especially now in times of uncertainty, if we can embrace more non-attachment to outcomes that we can’t control it’s a lot smoother to ride through this crazy roller coaster right now. Links:Franziska Iseli WebsiteThe Courage Map: 13 Principles to Living Boldly
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