42 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

Bob Burg: The Laws of Stratospheric Success

In this episode of the Unstoppable Leaders Podcast, I am so delighted to speak to Bob Burg, an influential author of several books that collectively sold over 2 million copies. We specifically talk about his book The Go Giver, my personal favourite, on this episode because it has made such an impact in my life. The book discusses the 5 laws of stratospheric success but we focus on 2 of the tricky ones - the law of authenticity and the law of receptivity. Join us on the podcast to learn how you can be more authentic and how to be receptive to receiving with no attachment.[01:05] A short introduction on Bob.[02:06] The story of how Bob came to write his book, The Go Giver.[07:36] How The Go Giver struck me personally.[09:40] Applying the laws of the book in life.[10:34] Becoming an authentic person.[22:33] Understanding the law of receptivity.[26:07] Giving with attachments.[28:23] Knowing and preparing to become receptive.[34:22] One practical thing we can practice in life.[35:44] Bob’s take on kindness and happiness.“Human nature is the most important thing for anyone to study because who do we deal with all our lives - other humans. So understanding human nature is just vitally important.”“Authenticity should never be used as an excuse to stay where we are. It should be used as an impetus to get to where we want to be.”“The law of receptivity says that the key to giving is to stay open to receiving.”“Everything we do as human beings is designed to bring us closer to happiness. I define happiness a little differently. I believe that happiness is an ongoing feeling of joy and peace of mind, the result of living congruently with one’s value.”Links:Bob Burg Website
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