49 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Andrea Culligan: Making It in Life Despite Your Circumstances... An Inspiring Story

In this episode of The Unstoppable Leader Podcast, I am so excited to have Andrea Culligan. Andrea is currently a partner in Deloitte but it isn’t what we’re going to talk about in this conversation. Today, Andrea will share with us the memorable journey she went through that led her to where she is today. We talk about the lessons, trials, tribulations, and successes and everything in between. Her authenticity in sharing her journey as well as her experience in mental health is something you will definitely learn from. [02:24] Getting started with business and how her life and journey ended with these businesses.[11:46] Being confident and bold from the start.[14:05] Her journey of building her first business and growing into a multi-million business within 4 years.[20:02] The challenges she faced after the first four years of her business.[23:00] Getting the help she needed.[32:15] Traveling and soul searching to India, Cambodia and Vietnam.[39:38] 2 things that she got that changed her life from her journey[41:54] Things she wants to share with people that would make a difference in their lives
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