36 minutes | May 12, 2021

Studio Work, Teaching, Visual Arts and Drum Gear – Mike Dawson (Ep 200)

Multifaceted drummer Mike Dawson has refocused his career on studio work, teaching, visual arts and of course drum gear. Prior to the pandemic, he was a gigging machine, managing editor at Modern Drummer Magazine, and co host of the Modern Drummer Podcast With Mike And Mike. He’s more recently become Chief Creative Officer at Drum Factory Direct, which as the name might imply is all about drum gear, including just about every tiny part imaginable. Mike’s return to the Unstarving Musician was as much an opportunity for me to get caught up on all his recent life changes as it was an opportunity to celebrate episode 200 the Unstarving Musician. Mike also appears in episodes 1, 25 and 50 of this podcast, all three of which are among the our most popular episodes. In this conversation Mike and I talk about his increased involvement with the visual aspects of his work in music and drums. We also talk about recording, the details of his new gig at Drum Factory Direct, the future of upcoming events, a new podcast he was working on when we recorded this conversation, my drum kit, which has taken a climate beating here in Panama, his new home base of Pittsburgh, and re-prioritizing life. We also laugh a lot. That happens quite a bit here on the Unstarving Musician, laughing. Please enjoy my conversation with Mike Dawson. Please visit UnstarvingMusician.com for related links and episode transcript. To stay in touch, find me on Twitter and Instagram @robonzodrummer.
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