35 minutes | May 7, 2021

Create, Cultivate and Connect–Joy Ike (Ep 199)

Create, cultivate and connect are words that carry special meaning for Joy Ike. They are the basis for a music coaching and mentoring program she calls Cultivators. Her professional background in PR and marketing enables Joy to offer unique perspective to the emerging artists with whom she works. She’s also a freelance writer, which includes articles and blog posts for Bandzoogle. We recorded this conversation in late December of last year 2020, at which time I was on the cusp of releasing my first single ‘On Top Of The World.’ It was the perfect time to ask what she sees in artists who are better at getting their work out into the world. Her response to this line of questioning wasn’t exactly what I expected, yet it was enlightening. Also in this conversation, I attempt to understand what got her from publishing and PR to music artist and ultimately to artist consultant. We also discuss her strict childhood, house concerts, zoom concerts, her single Wearing Love (new at the time of our conversation), her percussive musicality and more. Joy is herself a very talented singer musician. I love her voice in fact. Check out her work at JoyIke.com. Please visit UnstarvingMusician.com for related links and episode transcript. If you'd like to reach out and say hi, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @robonzodrummer.
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