19 minutes | Dec 12th 2017

Episode 5: How to have a healthier approach to your startup w/Jesse Horwitz, CEO & Co Founder of Hubble Contacts

We sat down with Jesse for an eye opening interview on what the media portrays about startups vs. the reality, and what is a healthier approach to you startup compared to what you might see online. Jesse was extremely humble. He went through his mistakes of jumping from Bridgewater Associates too early, to the trial and error period where each startup he tried building didn't go anywhere before Hubble Contacts. " The Unsexiest time was the trial and error period, where projects didn't go anywhere. This was before we started Hubble Contacts."Here are a few bullet points Jesse goes over: - Look at your startup as if you are starting another job. Not some glorified path. - Make sure you have a cushion and don't take the leap of faith too early, where you can have a risk of running out of cash to survive. - Don't be in love with your own image and how the world can cater to you. Make sure you can build a product the world actually cares about.If you are interested in a higher quality of contacts at a great price click here ----> http://bit.ly/2z30CgY to get Hubble Contacts delivered to your doorstep. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________A huge thanks to Go Moment, Quake VC, Strtupboost for helping me put this together: For founders who have a seed stage company, looking for funding, please apply to the Quake Accelerator (link below).www.quakecapital.com/www.gomoment.com/www.strtupboost.comPlease Subscribe and leave a review! We would love the feedback, so we can build a better podcast for Founders:)Please click here to sign up for updates and our newsletter: https://www.theunsexystartup.com/ Thank you for your support!

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