14 minutes | Feb 13th 2018

Episode 10: Why the real magic is in the Unsexy, w / Co Founder & CEO of Kin, Sean Harper

We are back with more episodes of the Unsexy Startup! In this episode, we have founder and CEO of Kin, Sean Harper on to talk about the embracing the Unsexy. Most people are excited about the sexy things in the business, but the real growth comes from the grunt work and the heavy lifting. Few founders are willing to do some of these unsexy things due to many reasons: The real drive to scale their startup, their pride, and the list goes on. Sean also shares his story about Kin, and where the idea came from. In fact, this was one of our first recordings we've ever done.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A huge thanks to Go Moment, Quake VC, Strtupboost for helping me put this together: For founders who have a seed stage company, looking for funding, please apply to the Quake Accelerator (link below).www.quakecapital.com/www.gomoment.com/www.strtupboost.comPlease Subscribe and leave a review! We would love the feedback, so we can build a better podcast for Founders:)Please click here to sign up for updates and our newsletter: https://www.theunsexystartup.com/ Thank you for your support!

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