21 minutes | Nov 26th 2017

Episode 1: The importance of emotional intelligence, and its significance in your company, during uncertain times w/ CEO and Founder of Greenhouse.io, Daniel Chait

Today's interview is with the CEO and Co Founder of Greenhouse.io, Daniel Chait. Daniel takes you through his journey, how he built his previous company, and how he transitioned into starting Greenhouse. We go into why emotional intelligence is crucial, and why its important for your company to learn emotional intelligence through Unsexy times.Greenhouse.io is the first easy to use Applicant Tracking System, that lets you involve your whole team in the hiring process for candidates, leading to a better culture for a company. With customers such as Airbnb and Pintrest, and the Golden State Warriors, Greenhouse is on the trajectory to become a unicorn.We had an informative and eye opening discussion. Daniel spoke on a few topics such as: - The sexiest moment of his entrepreneurial career to date - The unsexiest moment, where he learned to build more emotional intelligence - Why EQ is rarely spoken about in the Tech industry and why that needs to change - How to use Emotional Intelligence to over come the struggles of hiring at an early stage company - Daniel's advice to his younger self, on what he knows now. (Advice for starting founders)If you are interested in using the Greenhouse ATS to attract a better quality of candidates, click here: https://www.greenhouse.io/_________________________________________________________________________________________________________A big thanks to Go Moment and Quake VC, for helping me put this together: For founders who have a seed stage company, looking for funding, please apply to the Quake Accelerator (link below).https://www.quakecapital.com/http://www.gomoment.com/Please Subscribe and leave a comment! We would love the feedback, so we can build a better podcast for Founders:)Please click here to sign up for updates and our newsletter: https://www.theunsexystartup.com/Thank you for your support!

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