81 minutes | May 17, 2021

Episode 203 - Casey McGuire Davidson

This week on the podcast, Tammi and Sondra welcome Casey McGuire Davidson. Casey is a certified professional life and sobriety coach and the host of The Hello Someday Podcast. “Is sobriety boring?” is a question Casey hears often as a coach. They talk about the fear of boredom that keeps some people from considering sobriety, they talk about the irony of monotony (life actually gets bigger when you stop drinking), and they share ideas on making your life more fun and joyful when you quit drinking. You can learn more about Casey and her offerings at https://hellosomedaycoaching.com/ and follow her on Instagram @caseymdavidson.    This week, Casey shares three items from her Unruffled Toolbox: (1) Other cool women who have ditched alcohol; (2) Putting myself first; and (3) Vision Boards!
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