69 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

Episode 197 - Natha Campanella

This week on the podcast, Sondra and Tammi welcome back their friend and favorite astrologer, Natha Campanella. (Natha’s first appearance was Episode 60.) They asked Natha to come back so they could discuss some things that were brought up in each of the various readings they’d had with her and give evidence as to how they’ve played out. They also beg for some positive forecasting for 2021.To learn more about Natha and her upcoming offerings, you can find her at https://nathacampanella.com/ or follow her on Instagram @natha_campanella_astrology.    This week, Natha shares three items from her Unruffled Toolbox: (1) Tune in to my physical responses; (2) Walking; and (3) Tuning In. Getting Quiet. Awareness.
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