65 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

Episode 195 - New Year's Evolution, 2021

This week on the podcast, Tammi and Sondra look ahead to the new year. This is their fourth time to do a New Year’s podcast and it definitely has a different tone than any they’ve recorded. They talk about the realities of a new year while still in a pandemic, they talk about their words for the year, and they talk about changes they are making that feel a little like hope.   This week, Sondra and Tammi share three items from their Unruffled Toolbox: Sondra: (1) “Broken Open” by Elizabeth Lesser; (2) Long walks; and (3) Dreaming and scheming.  Tammi: (1) Index card with 2021 WOTY; (2) Analog desk calendar; and (3) Brass Ring from Deer Hazel with 2021 WOTY.
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