92 minutes | Nov 8th 2019

Table Talk: Expanding into “Letting Go” Consciousness

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the impulse to record another Table Talk conversation with Louise LeBrun. Even though we see each other regularly and our conversations are always profoundly meaningful to me, there are many times when I feel compelled to just keep them for myself. That said, I’m always open for the potential of a conversation that I feel inspired to share. As it happens, the impulse finally landed for me to once again bring out the mic. With a deep curiosity about what could possibly emerge from within the two of us, I started recording. As always, there was no agenda. Just an open space for a free-flowing, organic conversation. As we often do, Louise and I covered a lot of interesting terrain. Because our conversations are always intimate and personal, we go to places that are familiar to our own shared experiences. To provide some context to aid in your understanding of the direction we embarked on,  Louise references two of her powerful creations: the Decloaking and Living Authentically experience and the Engaging and Awakening Others experience, both of which were unfolding with a local facilitator at the same time as our conversation. You will hear repeated references to both of these experiences as metaphors for how reality can rapidly shift with an expansion in consciousness, starting at the personal level. While Louise is officially retired from leading these experiences, she references them as powerful avenues toward Self reclamation in the face of collapse. Because I have personally engaged with Louise’s work in a very committed and intimate way over the last several years, you will hear me share my own life-changing personal experiences—experiences that now offer me the deep Self connection I feel is so critical during these tumultuous times. I confess that because our conversation is so personal, I found myself wondering: would anyone else care? Would anyone even understand? Would they discover anything for their own Selves? Does it even matter? Should I even bother to release this conversation? And then, I thought to myself: why wouldn’t I bother! Because I know that those who continue to follow my work are the hardcore searchers of their own insights into their Life, especially with the intense provocation that accelerating biosphere collapse is providing. A few of the topics we discuss in this conversation include: How people are either ignorant or terrified in the face of today’s collapsing world. Consciousness as the driver for collapse. The futility of resistance-based actions in the face of collapse. The illusion of grief as a means toward Self intimacy.  A new conversation about powerlessness. Acceptance and surrender vs. Giving up. The illusion of time. Standing in the now and continually moving forward. The repetitive monotony of the human existence. Learning how to “be”. A new mindset around resourcefulness. And a different conversation about “death”. Of course there is always so much more. Throughout this chat, you will hear the everyday sounds of life in my household including the sounds of playful, meowing cats and the occasional barking dog. They are as much a part of these experiences as I am. This is a higher order conversation for those who are willing to surrender their intellects to something far more powerful. To enjoy this conversation, simply click the audio link at the top of this post. The post Table Talk: Expanding into “Letting Go” Consciousness appeared first on Deb Ozarko.
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