58 minutes | Sep 9th 2019

STOP Perpetual Dieting

There’s a dark side to bodybuilding that no one seems to be talking about. Perpetual dieting, back-to-back competitions, and the constant drive to stay lean are all creating lifetime issues -- physically and mentally. Today Laurin and Celeste are taking a stand: it’s time to stop the madness. You’re going to hear exactly why your body needs a break, especially if you want to perform better and last longer in the sport. Laurin gets real about what happens to your body if you don’t take time off, and Celeste shares her experience with perpetual dieting when she was wrestling. Take it from these pros: no Instagram likes or six packs are worth this kind of trouble. Tune in to hear why.


“If you want to make progress, you have to take time off stage.”

 -Laurin Conlin


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In This Episode: 

  • How bodybuilding has changed in the past decade to be more popular, but less attainable for the average person
  • Why the bikini build is not sustainable
  • You have to take a break between competitions! Hear what happens to your body when you don’t
  • The mental effects of perpetual dieting and trying to stay lean
  • Why you might be experiencing body fat overshoot: Understanding hyperphagia 
  • Do you need to stay lean to stay relevant? Here’s why you don’t need to stay in perpetual diet mode for judges, sponsors, or business
  • How coaches can step up and hold their clients accountable for treating their body well, while still helping them compete
  • It isn’t just bodybuilders who need to be aware of this: Hear Celeste’s dieting experience that taught her a really valuable lesson when she was wrestling
  • How to snag Celestial Bodiez at super discounted rates before the CB Collective drop in November




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