64 minutes | Aug 27th 2019

Evolving Your Brand, Celestial Bodiez Evolves

If you’re a brand owner, entrepreneur, or leggings-lover, this one's for you. Celestial Bodiez, Celeste’s apparel company and the home of the OG booty scrunch leggings, is going through a huge transformation. CB Collective is launching on Black Friday with its first limited edition collection of athletic wear -- with the same booty scrunch, fit, and feel you know and love. In this episode, Celeste shares what inspired the change in her business and the choices she’s had to make along the way. You’ll hear her advice for branding, connecting with your audience, and developing a great product that makes people feel good. Plus, you’ll get a peek into the type of fashion you can expect from CB Collective and some updates on Team Loco Fit from Laurin.

“So much of what goes into making a product is thinking about how it’s supposed to make people feel.”

 -Celeste Bonin


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In This Episode: 

  • Introducing CB Collective, the new evolution of Celestial Bodiez
  • The history of Celestial Bodiez, their patented design, and why they’re still the OG booty scrunch leggings
  • Rebrand versus a fresh start: When you should change your look and when you should change your model
  • Quality over quantity: Why the number of people following your brand doesn’t actually matter
  • What to expect from the limited edition releases coming from CB Collective
  • How to create content that captures your brand’s voice and tells its story
  • The big issues Celeste faced five years when starting Celestial Bodiez, and what it taught her
  • Why it’s so important to make people feel good if you want them to feel connected to your brand
  • What’s new with Team Loco Fit




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