77 minutes | Sep 16th 2019

Bridezillas, Wedding Dresses & Fashion Design

Weddings can be the most stressful time in a person’s life, whether they’re in the bridal party or dealing with the drama from the sidelines -- but no one knows wedding chaos quite like someone in the industry. In this episode, Celeste and Laurin are joined by Olivia Gray, who gets to deal with brides at the peak of wedding planning pressure. Olivia has  BFA from SCAD and currently provides bridal alterations while developing her own line of gowns. She has a ton of advice for brides-to-be, and their family and friends, about choosing a dress, staying true to yourself, and putting together a killer wedding. You’ll also hear some hilarious stories about rude moms, double-sided tape, and going strapless. Don’t miss it!


“It’s just one day in your life… but it’s the beginning of the rest of your life, so that’s really what matters.”

 -Olivia Gray


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In This Episode: 

  • How social media has influenced the wedding industry
  • Why you need to pick your venue before anything else, and why you should try on “curveball” dresses
  • Don’t confuse yourself! Hear why you should limit your dress try-on count to 10
  • Strapless gown tips and horror stories
  • The best time to stop dieting if you’re trying to lose weight for your wedding, plus weight-related alteration nightmares
  • Why you have to set boundaries with your family
  • Ways to include your groom in the wedding planning
  • Half of what you’re worried about won’t matter on the big day; here’s where to focus your energy instead
  • The right way to balance your wedding and the honeymoon
  • Olivia’s tips for anyone hoping to go into design


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