97 minutes | Sep 30th 2019

Bodybuilding versus Body Balance with Rob MacIntyre

Athletes are so hang-up about their physique nowadays. Everyone, not only professional athletes are hitting the gym to build their bodies. Protein diets, muscle building, hardcore training, and spending hours in the gym has become a trend. And with the extreme desire to look acceptable to the audience, even drugs like steroids have joined the hype. Today Laurin, Celeste, Ryan, and Grant will be joined by Rob MacIntyre, owner of Hard Nocks South Gym to let everyone know why hardcore training and unprescribed drugs could do more damage than good to your body and mental health. They’ll also tackle different stress hardcore training may bring you, not to mention the recovery periods your body will need when exposed to injuries. Tune in and learn from the experts on how you can achieve great balance between building your physique and looking great from the inside out.


“You need to have balance. Everyone has bad days so if your body is telling you something, have balance and rest.”

 -Rob MacIntyre


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In This Episode: 

  • How bodybuilding has become not just about having a good physique but also building and projecting an image
  • What sports stereotyping is all about
  • Why people are stressing over their physique and how bodybuilding helps but not for long
  • The physical and mental effects of hardcore training
  • How to deal with the bad days and how can you use bodybuilding as a way to escape reality
  • What motivates people to hit the gym and what do coaches do to motivate their professional athletes when they don’t feel like training
  • How balance between hardcore training and “just having fun” training is achieved
  • What are the risks you are exposing your body when you strain it with continuous training and steroids
  • What are the corrective ways of doing training to avoid injuries 




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