44 minutes | Dec 26th 2017

Kerri Fullerton - The Leader Of The Diet Rebellion

Today's episode focuses on breaking free from diets that simply don't work, have you yo-yo'ing for years and lead to a poor body image. Kerri Fullerton, the leader of the diet rebellion is here to talk with us about breaking free of the word "diet" and instead, having a positive body image that doesn't revolve around someone's idea of what a body "should" look like or what you "should" or "shouldn't" eat.

Kerri, who has had her own battles with food and eating disorders, has made it her business to work with women to rid the world of "dieting" and in its place create a movement of positive images, strong women and no "forbidden" foods.

So if you are ready to body bashing and start to "Applaud Your Bod" you can reach Kerri here for further details on her programs and Facebook page.



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