34 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

32. How Debt and Finances Impact Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Nick and Amy interview Andy Hill from the Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast and discuss how debt, financial issues, decisions and perception of money can impact your emotional and physical intimacy in your marriage. Even people that are very successful financially experience "financial issues" in their marriages. There are many things that could cause financial issues in a marriage. It could be debt, it could happen because one spouse is a spender and the other a saver,  or one spouse like to have things paid off and the other like to finance things, or maybe you have different short and long term financial goals as a couple. In our social media poll, 65% of couples that responded said that financial issues impact their intimacy as a couple. This is an episode you wont want to miss.Also, don't forget to download the Ultimate Intimacy App for free in the app stores, or at ultimateintimacy.com to find "Ultimate Intimacy" in your marriage.Check out our amazing products to help your emotional and physical intimacy such as:- Conversation Starters- 150+ Date Night Ideas- Truth or Dare Game- Romantic and Sexy Coupons- Bedroom GameCheck them out HEREFollow us on Instagram @ultimateintimacyapp.If you have any feedback, comments or topics you would like to hear on future episodes, reach out to us at amy@ultimateintimacy.com and let us know!
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