43 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

28. Shifting Your Attitude To Have A Better Sex Life with Keelie and Austin Reason

Nick and Amy discuss "The Attitude Shift I Made To Have A Better Sex Life" with Keelie and Austin Reason from Love Hope Adventure. A good sex life is so important to a healthy and happy marriage, and many times the only thing holding couples back from having amazing emotional and physical intimacy is the attitude and mindset towards sex. In this episode Keelie and Austin share their experience about how they shifted and changed their mindset about sex, and the positive impact it had on their marriage, and things you can do to change your mindset about sex to find "Ultimate Intimacy" in your marriage.We had a couple technical issues when recording this episode in the middle of the podcast, so we apologize for some of the parts where we had low quality audio.Check out their amazing blog, Love Hope Adventure HERE for great articles and resources to help your marriage.Also, don't forget to download the Ultimate Intimacy App for free in the app stores, or at ultimateintimacy.com to find "Ultimate Intimacy" in your marriage.Follow us on Instagram @ultimateintimacyapp.If you have any feedback, comments or topics you would like to hear on future episodes, reach out to us at amy@ultimateintimacy.com and let us know!
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