54 minutes | May 11th 2018

Show 135 – Preeminence or Bust! – #1: Business Mastery Session (Pt. 1)

We’re back with another special surprise to magnify, amplify, intensify and elevate both your business and personal success. This new series being introduced today – dubbed “Preeminence of Bust!” – features some of the most powerful content Jay has done on his Strategy of Preeminence throughout the past year. It’s derived from four incredibly poignant and powerful presentations he recently released – presentations such as when he shared the stage with Tony Robbins at Tony's Business Mastery Event in Amsterdam, along with a keynote for Ashley Furniture’s group, iPro Network, and Frank Meranda. The Strategy of Preeminence is one of the cornerstones of Jay's body of work, it’s the foundation of all he stands for. It’s both a strategic philosophy and a philosophical strategy for operating a preeminent business that he discovered from observing a client who used this belief system to hurtle their company to dominant leadership in an ultra-competitive industry. We’re kicking the series off with the presentation from Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery event, so sit back and enjoy the all the insights and mental stimulation coming your way. This is only part 1 of the presentation, o be sure to be back next week for the 2nd half!
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