29 minutes | Dec 15th 2017

Show 109 – Q&A With Jay – Episode 4

It's time for another exciting episode of the many-sided Q&A podcast series which features the highlights from the Q&A session calls Jay conducts with his wide-ranging, multi-industry spanning paying clients. This dynamic short series is a gathering of eclectic minds from all sorts of backgrounds and geographies, asking questions aimed at solving the obstacles within their varying businesses. This episode ranges from topics that cover targetting leads and optimizing conversion, attracting and interviewing the right kind of applicants, establishing your brand powerfully through your marketing, and plenty more. You will likely hear questions to problems that apply directly to you and your industry, but hopefully you’ll pay attention to the issues and solutions within the industries outside of what you do. There is great power in having a well rounded, 360 degrees CAT-scan viewpoint, and oftentimes the largest successes in business can be the direct result of applying methodologies from completely unrelated fields. Please enjoy.  
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