47 minutes | Apr 11, 2021

278 - Unconventional Marketing with Paul Gray

In this episode, Paul Gray interviews Jay to reveal some unconventional marketing wisdom that works to heal underperforming businesses. Jay shares the main reasons why businesses leak money and gives a crash course on how to boost your business by thinking nonlinearly. Jay talks about the benefit of referrals, a stellar reputation, and relational capital, and explains why his Strategy of Preeminence is still more relevant than ever. He also reveals the three advanced ways to grow a business and what to measure to assess impact and performance. You’ll hear Jay talk about risk and yield in the life of an entrepreneur, and how to think about the holistic balance of everything personally and in business. Tune in to hear Jay share collaboration and leveraging strategies — and learn how to become compatible instead of competing with others in your industry. 00:00 – 08:30 – The primary reasons for business underperformance and how to boost it, Jay’s experience and background, the geometry of business, and thinking nonlinearly. 08:30 – 16:30 – Funnel versus tunnel vision, the three fundamental ways to grow your business, referral generating systems, and money-wasting techniques.16:30 – 23:00 – The benefit of referrals, the value of your reputation, relationship building and relational capital, and the Strategy of Preeminence. 23:00 – 32:30 – The three advanced ways to grow a business, what to measure and quantify in business to assess impact and performance, and how to win in the game of entrepreneurship. 32:30 – 40:00 – On winning integrity and trust with people to collaborate with and identifying assets, access, and programs to leverage from other companies.40:00 – 46:40 – A story about a seminar attendee who leveraged OPP to grow his business and the business of the company he collaborated with.
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