35 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

270 - The Only Three Ways to Grow a Business

In this episode, Jay is interviewed by Martin North, a senior consultant and executive specializing in creating enhanced shareholder value and improved business performance in firms ranging from multinational companies to start-ups. Martin asks Jay to break down the universal truths of business and how they translate to small and large businesses. You’ll learn the three ways to grow a business, why it’s important to see your business as an organic entity, and how to ensure growth year after year. Listen in to discover the five windows of opportunity that Jay sees due to the pandemic, how to see opportunities that others don’t, and pull yourself out of a restrictive mindset — and discover the one question to ask yourself to maximize your potential this year andbeyond. 00:00 - 06:00 - On identifying universal truths, what many small businesses get wrong when it comes to marketing strategy, understanding your target market, and value. 06:00 - 16:00 - The Amazon School of [Blank], how Jay was trained, the three ways to grow a business, and how to grow every single year. 16:00 - 20:00 - Compounding business, seeing business as an organic entity, applying universal truths to small and large businesses, the cyclical nature of business, and partnerships. 20:00 - 27:00 - On transforming your world view, Jay’s influencers, how traveling has helped Jay’s work, and an example of leveraging funnel vision over tunnel vision. 27:00 - 31:30 - The five windows of opportunity due to the pandemic, how to get control of assets and rights strategically, and how to see and connect opportunities that others don’t. 31:30 - 35:00 - Why Jay stopped doing seminars, how to get out of a restrictive mindset, and a question to ask about your underperforming activities and resources.
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