56 minutes | Jan 8, 2021

268 - How to Think Outside the Box with Sangram Vajre

In this episode, Sangram Vajre, one of the leading minds in B2B marketing and the co-founder of Terminus, interviews Jay Abraham. Sangram taps into Jay’s mind and learns how to start thinking outside the box by thinking beyond exponential. Jay explains how to shorten your success timeline and credibility curve while expanding your contribution, formalizing your referral systems, and opening up different revenue streams. You’ll learn why retention is the new acquisition and various ways to grow your business without spending any more money. Listen in to discover how Jay has uniquely created no risk, no investment growth by integrating and hybridizing strategies from across the most diverse swath of industries—and learn why there’s never been a better time to collaborate with other businesses. 00:00 - 08:30 - On how he’s evolved as he’s gotten older, how he became an accidental marketer and the ultimate generalist, and what marketers should do right now. 08:30 - 15:00 - How to shorten your timeline and credibility curve, formalize your referral systems, expand your contribution, and different revenue streams. 15:00 - 22:30 - Retention as the new acquisition, finding more utility value, knowing your attrition rate, and how to grow without spending any more money. 22:30 - Jay’s earlier life stories and experience, no-risk, no investment growth, how he finds strategies, integrates, and hybridizes them. 41:15 - 50:00 - The Aikido School of Marketing, testing, collaborating, co-branding, and why it’s the best time to collaborate and connect with other businesses. 50:00 - 55:30 - Finding others who have access, trust, visibility to your target audience, strategic partnerships, and ways to use time, opportunities, and assets better.
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