44 minutes | Oct 12, 2021

'Burning is Learning' - Gene Fritz Pushes Culinary Students to Make Mistakes and Grow

Gene Fritz is a culinary educator, curriculum design consultant, and executive chef.A voice in culinary education for over thirty years, Gene had been a culinary instructor at Colorado State University and Washington State University, as well as the Director of Culinary Operations at Johnson & Wales University.His vast experience includes working in fine-dining restaurants, cooking in the U.S. Army, and winning and judging numerous culinary competitions.In order to pursue his passion for mentoring young culinarians, Gene began serving as a culinary arts and hospitality management teacher at Battle Ground High School in Washington.Listen as we chat with Gene about his wide-spanning career as a teacher and a chef, creating atmospheres for culinarians to explore and excel, and the future of culinary education.
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