39 minutes | Mar 21st 2020

Losing In Business, Learning English And Locating iPhones With Jairo Arias

Today's guest is Jairo Arias. Jairo immigrated to the US from Colombia as a child and made his way to a successful model manager. We discuss the challenges he faced through the years and how he went from retail to e-commerce to virtual offices operating in multiple cities. He discusses how to treat clients and how to treat his roster of talent, and why his boutique firm is still poised to grow.

Listen through to end for our off-the-cuff rapid fire segment that we do every show, to hear some more personal insights into our guests.

How To Manage A Boutique Modeling Agency

  • Diversify your talent roster
  • Diversify your job portfolio
  • Don't shy away from small jobs
  • Sign a contract for everything
  • Build an extensive network



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