30 minutes | Mar 28th 2020

How To Grow Your Income To Launch A Catering Business with Chef Jackie McMahan

Brian sits down with Jackie McMahan of Finesse Catering in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jackie talks about earning $1000 per night and not wasting her quick cash. Listen to her describe the moves she made, the mistakes she made, and the relationships she made to transition from a cocktail server to owning a massive catering company. Jackie talks about her 5 second rule for ideas, her passion for small bites and how to curate a menu to please all of the guests and the event.

Jackie also tells us about catering to food allergies, what makes her nose tingle and whether a lychee is a fruit or vegetable.

@lilchefjackie @finessecateringlv

How To Create The Perfect Plate

  1. Create height on the plate
  2. Use various textures
  3. Use edible garnish and decorations
  4. Incorporate contrasting colors
  5. Dish size, color and shape matter


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