55 minutes | Mar 28, 2019

Episode #050: The JOY-Effect: Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability with Nancy Clairmont Carr

Nancy Clairmont Carr is a transformation expert, #1 bestselling author, speaker and energy practitioner, founder of The Joy-Effect, a master transformation coach who helps achievers optimize their business and lifestyles.

In this episode, Nancy shares how her strategy empowers business owners to develop higher consciousness to access higher intuition, infinite intelligence, and optimal real-time solutions. Learn how you can transform your mindset, eliminate fears, limiting beliefs and create exponential, optimal transformation with least effort and highest success.

“I focus on developing a prosperity mindset for business owners because when that happens, you think about things differently in all areas of your life not just numbers.” - Nancy Clairmont Carr

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03:20 — Nancy shares what ‘higher consciousness’ is and its importance

06:30 — Her inspiration to help business owners to achieve and unlock their higher consciousness and the process she uses to do so

10:20 — The obstacles she sees with her clients in terms of increasing their profitability and enhancing their well being in whole body health

17:25 — The value of energy coaching in business owners and how can you benefit from it

21:15 — Strategies that business owners can implement to help enhance their employee's well-being

28:40 — The definition of intuition and how can we benefit understanding this intuitive feeling 

31:50 — 3 strategies to anchor yourself to achieve higher consciousness on a daily basis

36:45 — Nancy shares success stories from her clients

40:45 — What Nancy does to enhance her personal well being and her routine every day to maintain high performance

51:36 — What well-being means to Nancy: “Stay in alignment. Continue to increase consciousness and help others do the same.”

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