5 minutes | Sep 20, 2019

Season 2 Trailer

Welcome to Season Two of The Turquoise Table Podcast. This is a special twelve-week season called The Case for Community. We're going to roll up our sleeves and dive in to answer this question: What Does Community Mean to You?  Think about that for a minute. How do you answer this question -- what does community mean to you? There are so many factors that affect the way we live and grow in community. And, we’re going to cover as many of them as we can. We’re going to talk about the Loneliness Epidemic in America. We’re going to have a conversation about mental health and how it effects the way we approach community. We’re going to hear from guests about what it looks like to truly be vulnerable and how that translates to empathy. We’ll hear reoccurring themes like setting healthy boundaries in relationships and how in order to offer hospitality, we must also extend it to ourselves.  Over the course of the next twelve weeks I have the honor of talking to best-selling authors, bible scholars and teachers, community leaders, a musician, entrepreneurs, a CEO, TV food celeb, and all-around incredible voices.  Each conversation gives us a unique lens through which to view community. We’re going to learn a lot from each of our guests, but the thing about community is you can’t figure it out on your own. So, each podcast episode is designed to be a conversation starter. We want you to listen to it through your earbuds. But we want you to listen to it in community too. With your friends and neighbors. And, then we’ve created a unique way to continue exploring the question: What does Community Mean to YOU? You’re invited to keep chatting each week in our very own Turquoise Table Community.  That’s right -- we’ve created a thriving online community just for you. It’s absolutely FREE and the conversation is encouraging and helpful. We’ve strategically chosen to move away from Facebook, so you need to make sure to join us in The Turquoise Table Community. For each podcast episode, you’ll find exclusive resources: show notes recipes and tips from guests exclusive discussion guide with conversation starters journal prompts You don’t want to miss this, so please be sure to join: www.TheTurquoiseTableCommunity.com And, make sure you are subscribed in iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Go ahead and give us a 5-star review -- it helps more than boost my ego, friends. Your reviews and ratings boost the algorithms and allows other folks to learn about The Turquoise Table Podcast.
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