43 minutes | Oct 1, 2019

S2E2: Community: Work & Faith with Kat Armstrong

In today’s episode of The Turquoise Table, host Kristin Schell interviews Kat Armstrong, an innovative ministry leader, a sought-after speaker, and the co-founder and executive director of Polished. Kat stewards the community of Polished, which is a network of young professional women who gather over a meal to discuss the intersection of work and faith. The diverse group of women discuss the hardships they are experiencing at work, as well as what they believe and how faith can be applied to their careers. Kat explains how she uses the Bible to inform her personal life, and how Jesus has prioritized for us what’s most important: loving God and loving others. Kat realized, through conversations and by looking inward, that many women want to give more of themselves to their communities and their faith, but they are scared. In her book, No More Holding Back, Kat uncovers the history of ideological gender bias around women not using their brains as much as men and being smaller or weaker. Theologically, any of the early church fathers looked to Eve as an example as someone easily deceived and not to be trusted with truth or leadership. But within the Bible, there are many hidden female figures that led and bettered the community.  Many of the young professionals at Polished are looking for a mentor, not just in terms of work, but also for life. Kat explains that any Christ-follower can find a mentor that is also a Christ-follower at a local church that works for your faith and schedule. In the Polished chapters, there are groups of women who believe in the power of prayer to support their fellow members in times of hardship or struggle. Kat’s prayer for the women that read her book is that they feel they can still be who they are and love God and other people well. Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast wherever you are listening!   Links: Purchase Kat Armstrong’s book, No More Holding Back: Emboldening Women to Move Past Barriers, See Their Worth, and Serve God Everywhere Join our free online community to view the full show notes and to continue the conversation at: www.theturquoisetablecommunity.com  Check out The Turquoise Table website: https://theturquoisetable.com/ To find your local chapter, learn more about Polished, or to see Kristin Schell speak at the Austin, Texas gathering on October 9th, visit: www.polishedonline.org Follow Kristin and The Turquoise Table on Twitter (@kristinkschell) and Instagram (@kristinkschell) Connect with Kristin on Facebook
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