54 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

S2E17: Loving Your Neighbor Through Infertility and Adoption

Let's talk about infertility and adoption. Chances are you or someone you know has walked one or both of these paths. Today’s guest Cat Vandament shares her story of infertility and treatments that led to the birth of her daughter, and then the decision to pursue adoption with their son. Cat’s story is unique in that during fertility treatments, they faced the additional stress and unfortunate timing of her husband’s numerous military deployments.    Infertility and adoption can be sensitive and hard topics for many. Which is why it’s important to have the conversation and gratefully Cat is willing to help us talk about the emotional journey. No two stories are alike, but as you listen to the conversation you'll hear hope and encouragement.    Cat speaks with honesty and vulnerability. She shares the struggle of not knowing why her body “wasn’t working the way every other woman’s body works” and how she overcame untrue thoughts like “trying to figure out what I had done wrong.”    Cat’s story is told through the lens of infertility and adoption. But, it’s also a story of faith and helps us see how we all wrestle with our own worth at times.    Listen in to learn what NOT to say to a friend or neighbor who is trying to get pregnant. And, stay tuned as Cat reveals the number one way you can love your neighbor through infertility and adoption.   Links/Resources: Connect with Cat Vandament: Watch Cat's Turquoise Table Story Shop Noonday with Cat Instagram 🌟 Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast wherever you are listening! Connect with Kristin: Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Book Join our free online community to continue the conversation at: www.theturquoisetablecommunity.com 
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