51 minutes | Jan 14, 2020

S2E13: Love Where You Live with Shauna Pilgreen

This week on The Turquoise Table, host Kristin Schell chats with Shauna Pilgreen, author of Love Where You Live. A small-town native, Shauna grew up on a farm in South Georgia, and then moved to rural Missouri with her husband to do ministry. Ten years ago, the Lord stirred in their hearts a desire to plant a church in a place far outside their comfort zones: San Francisco, California. Love Where You Live chronicles the struggles and blessings of Shauna’s move to the big city, and learning how to invest long-term in the place she lives.    In the title Love Where You Live, “love” is a verb — Shauna actively loves the local people with whom she comes into contact. She offers a few simple ideas on how others can too; her first suggestion is to take walks. Instead of taking the train or her minivan, Shauna often chooses to walk to her kids’ school, to the grocery store, or around her neighborhood. She prays that God would use her with whomever she encounters each day and intentionally makes time for those interactions. She also suggests sitting down with family members to discuss how you as a team can make a difference. One night, Shauna and her family walked the streets of their neighborhood handing out free pizza, water bottles, and cookies. Simple acts of kindness create a ripple effect in the community, and Shauna continues to share her heart and to love her neighbors well in her now-beloved home of San Francisco.   Links/Resources: Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast wherever you are listening!   For full show notes and links, please visit: www.theturquoisetable.com/podcast   Join our free online community to continue the conversation at: www.theturquoisetablecommunity.com    Affiliate links may be used at no additional cost to you.   You can connect with Shauna through: Her website Facebook Instagram Her book: Love Where You Live   Celebrate #LoveWhereYouLiveDay and nominate a friend for the Love Where You Live Award.
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