35 minutes | Dec 10, 2019

S2E10: Grumble Free Hospitality with Tricia Goyer

In this episode of The Turquoise Table, host Kristin Schell welcomes author, blogger, and parent, Tricia Goyer to discuss her book The Grumble-Free Year: Twelve Months, Eleven Family Members, and One Impossible Goal. As a mother of 10 kids (seven of whom still live in the house), being married 29 years, and having authored over 75 books, Tricia has become Kristin’s go-to authority on all things parenting. Tricia shares how she keeps the family, even the kids living outside of the home, and her 90-year-old mother with dementia, communicating and sharing with each other.    The Grumble-Free Year was based on Tricia’s unique experience. There is an underlying grumbling and discontent that children and parents both express. She and her husband thought, “what if we could go a year without grumbling?” She knew it’d take a while to undo certain habits, but she was tired not only of hearing her kids grumble, but saw it spilling over into her relationship with her husband. What happened in the Goyer's Grumble-Free Year experiment? Listen in and find out.   Links: Connect with Tricia Goyer: The Grumble-Free Year: Twelve Months, Eleven Family Members and One Impossible Goal Tricia's website  Follow Tricia Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Join our FREE online community for: full show notes and links podcast episode discussion guide journal prompts Tricia's Pork & Hominy Pozole recipe  Join us: www.theturquoisetablecommunity.com 🌟 Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast wherever you are listening! Affiliate links may be used at no additional cost to you.
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