50 minutes | Apr 20th 2020

Becoming A Blank Canvas with Wendy Meg Siegel

Do you ever wonder how you would respond if the pursuit you're most passionate about was suddenly taken away from you?

In today's turning point conversation, recorded pre-Covid-19, I talk to the phenomenal artist, Wendy Meg Siegel about what she did when the trajectory of her artist career was changed by fate.
Tune in to discover what Wendy's Creativity Closet is, how she followed her 'twinkle' to move forward when it seemed all was lost and her tips for trusting yourself and accessing and honouring your inherent creativity.

This conversation is a rich canvas of metaphors and timeless wisdom. Wendy's take on life is delightful and uplifting and this conversation has plenty to offer us no matter what we're facing in life.

More About Wendy Meg Siegel

Wendy Meg Siegel is a mixed media artist who finds inspiration in our collective history and ancient wisdom. Her intention is to create works of art that become visual reminders of our ability to cultivate the peace and love that already reside within each of us. Her hope is for the viewer to recognize a place within themselves that connects to something beyond the physical world.

Although Wendy has always found ways to express her creativity, she has had a continuous love affair with painting.     

In the early 1990’s, Wendy explored new freedoms of expression, experimenting with a wide variety of materials, and began making cuts in the canvas surface. These cutouts gave way to the use of multiple canvas layers and for over ten years, Wendy’s photographs were recessed within the works as the focal point.

Now, raw canvas has become the primary element in her paintings. Her recent works combine the sacredness of books with the Divine connection that people, cultures, and religions have strived for throughout history. The text of ancient prayers, mantras, and words of wisdom often find their way into Wendy’s canvases, utilizing ancient languages. 

Wendy is a native New Yorker, who relocated to California in 1994.

Connect With Wendy

Website: https://www.wendymegsiegel.com/   

IG: https://www.instagram.com/wendyarts66/  

FB: https://www.facebook.com/WendyMegSiegelArt/

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Inspiration: Creative Triggers: https://www.wendymegsiegel.com/blog/creative-triggers


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