39 minutes | Dec 29, 2015

Episode 002: The ART of Fun

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast: Episode #2 The ART of Fun In this episode Jesse chats with 5th-6th grade art teacher Geoff Semrad about how challenging, rewarding, and fun being an art teacher can be. Also…. PROBLEM SOLVING! Couldn’t find the Kylie Scaring video but I DID find this video of Geoff impersonating Robert Goulet: https://youtu.be/wg0F8Tjkxm8  This episode is brought to you by the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network. Turning Cart Wheels is a proud member of the EMC network along side several incredible shows, check out all the great content they have to offer at: http://electronicmediacollective.com    email- cartwheelspodcast@gmail.com google voicemail- (402) 512-1868 Read more at http://www.cartwheelspodcast.com The post Episode 002: The ART of Fun appeared first on The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast.
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