2 minutes | Jun 17th 2019

Episode 0 | Trailer

The Turn On is a podcast for Black people who want to get off. To open their minds. To learn. To be part of a community. To show that we love and have sex too, and it doesn’t have to be political or scandalous or dirty. Unless we want it to be.

Join us each week as we read a sexy piece of Black erotica, chop it up with the mind behind the literature, give y’all way too much information about our sex lives, and share some tips and tricks you might want to incorporate the next time you get it in.

Your hosts are Erica and Kenrya, curious, hilarious, direct, Black best friends who love to have sex and read about sex and learn about sex, and would rather give up our vibrators than yuck someone else’s yum. We’ll explore all facets of sexuality, from kink to masturbation to sex work to having orgasms while disabled. Our lens for the show is “sex and…,” because we know that sex is never just about sex. Every time you tune in, we'll turn you on and teach you  something you can use to get off.

The first episode of The Turn On debuts July 10. Subscribe now so you don't miss a word. Learn more (and find a transcription of this episode) at TheTurnOnPodcast.com.

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