65 minutes | Mar 28, 2020

Emergency Series Tenants and Rent with Sarah Coupland

Tenants under financial distress and ability to pay rent is the subject of this week’s interview, the first in a series of emergency webinars as I’m asking friends who are leading experts in the community for favours to come on my webinar and podcast to share what they are doing starting with multifamily expert and investor Sarah Coupland.

She is a talented multifamily investor, owner of https://tagproperties.ca/ with over 10 years experience, she’s a friend, my regular go to for tenant challenges and when you listen to this interview you’ll understand why.  Email subscribers to my podcast will receive the tenant letters she mentions that were sent to her own tenants, they are excellent, if you’re not already subscribed, well that’s just silly. Go to www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca, enter your name and email on the right hand side.

Without further ado, I give you Sarah Coupland.

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