9 minutes | Mar 19th 2020

27: Controlling Stress Eating During COVID-19

Anyone else dealing with emotional eating this month? Many of us are practicing social distancing and adapting to our newly-homebound lifestyle, and it’s easy to find ourselves wandering into the kitchen looking for something to eat to take our minds off the mayhem.  Since I cut my teeth as a coach in health coaching, I know the emotional-eating (and drinking!) space well and would love to share how I help clients navigate these episodes...  Check out this timely pod to know how to not get carried away in times of stress (and it doesn't involve willpower, PHEW)! As always, the real conversation happens over in The Trophies, my free life coaching group for women, at www.TheTrophies.co  Grab my free Supermom Survival Guide at https://www.MelissaMcCloud.co/ Hugs, Melissa
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