10 minutes | Jan 3rd 2020

15: Putting an end to all the 'New Year, New You' bullsh*t

Who is chomping at the bit to tackle New Year's Resolutions?

WHOA! 🐎🐎 don't be like most people who get all excited to "lose weight"/"get out of debt"/"find a new job"/"meet your soulmate"/"insert your desire here" without doing the important work *first*...

(We've all had great goals in past Januaries, that were pretty much forgotten by February, right??!)

My "Wheel of Life" check-in is a short-and-sweet exercise that helps you take stock of what's important to you, and where you are in each of those areas.

This way, you can deliberately set up 2020 with clear, valuable goals... that you won't lose steam on three weeks from now (when most people give up on their resolutions, by the way...)!

As offered in the podcast, email me for the document at HeyGirl@MelissaMcCloud.co to complete this exercise, and put "Wheel of Life" doc in the subject line.




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