32 minutes | Jul 13, 2020

Episode 95: A New Album in Madrid and Other Good News

As the pandemic grinds on, I find myself unseasonably emotional about newborns and weddings, like some kind of weepy grandpa. Any good thing to latch on to in these twilight year, I guess. I feel that way about my old friend’s new album. Como Vivir en el Campo is a Madrid-based rock trio, and their drummer is Carlos Barros, who has been both friend and family to me over the years. Carlos has introduced me to many things, not least the nearly inexhaustible pleasures of Julio Iglesias’ album Hey. He talked to me from a village in Aragón, Spain about the process of making the album, and about how they were aided by the great global collective subconscious. You’ll see. Also in this episode, a conversation with American artist Aaron Firestein in Bogotá about what the US can learn from Colombia. And I’ll have a bit of good news about The Trip podcast, this very podcast, at the end of the episode.

Show notes:

Como Vivir en el Campo Bandcamp

Aaron Firestein IG

Where to Invade Next by Michael Moore

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