53 minutes | Sep 3, 2020

Episode 41, London: Sami Tamimi

Sami Tamimi’s book Falastin: a Cookbook, co-written with Tara Wigley, is part travelogue, part guidebook for the home cook, it’s the first step into the spotlight for Tamimi’s gifted culinary mind and his own personal story. In this episode, he sat down with The Trip host Nathan Thornburgh over some Waitrose prosecco to talk about his life in cooking, navigating the tensions of the Middle East, and why hummus alone won’t solve our problems.

This episode was previously paywalled on Luminary Podcasts but is being re-released now, free and for the people.

Show notes:

Sami Tamimi’s books:

Falastin: A Cookbook

Ottolenghi: the Cookbook


Other links:

How we met: Sami Tamimi and Yotam Ottolenghi

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