44 minutes | Mar 18, 2019

Episode 31: Francis Lam is on a Bleisure Trip to Thailand

The morning after a wedding—any big party—is usually a little groggy. It’s not necessarily unpleasant, especially if it’s February in Thailand and the air is a little bit cool and very humid, and you’re kicking around in a quiet village along the Ping River with someone like Francis Lam. Francis, besides being a classically-trained chef, former New York Times columnist, lauded cookbook editor at Clarkson Potter, and host of The Splendid Table on American Public Media is also one of the truly good people in the world of food and letters. So, Nathan was pleased, not just to get some good stories from his time in Thailand, but also to be able to annoy the living shit out of him with one very trashy word—a portmanteau, really—near the end of the show. Nathan may not be an adversarial news magazine reporter any more, but it’s good to know that he can still piss an interview subject off for business or for pleasure.

Episode 31 Show Notes:

If you’re not already listening to Francis Lam’s weekly radio show, what are you doing with your life? Head over the The Splendid Table.

Influential chef Andy Ricker’s roster of Thai restaurants: Pok Pok

Check out the lovely Khun Narata's Instagram.

Bangkok-based Austin Bush's book dives into the cuisine of northern Thailand:

The Food of Northern Thailand

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