78 minutes | May 14, 2020

Kim Urmaza: From 5k to Marathon and Half Ironman Duathlon in 1 year

On today’s podcast, we have a very special guest - my long-time friend Kim Urmaza. Kim is the Head Athletic Trainer at a high school down here in South Florida, and is pursuing a Master's degree in Kinesiology with a double concentration in sports performance and orthopedic rehabilitation. She’s a certified personal trainer, a member of the USA National Duathlon Team, and a blackbelt in Nisei Goju Ryu Karate.In this episode, Kim shares with us how in just one year, she ran her first 5k, bought her first bike, completed her first multisport event, and then went on to qualify for the Duathlon World Championships. Oh yeah, AND she ran her very first marathon. She’s had an absolutely tremendous year in multisport, and is a shining example that hard work, consistency, and dedication really pays off.Kim gives plenty of key tips and insights into her training and racing for duathlon, and also imparts the mindset needed to endure some of the toughest moments when you’re out there, exhausted, in pain, and ready to give up, during a race.Kim is an incredible athlete, one of the nicest and most driven people that I know, and is super passionate about the pursuit of seeking challenges that are greater than herself. You don’t want to miss this conversation, and I hope you enjoy it!- Follow Kim on Instagram for some athletic inspiration: @k.urmaza- Check out Kim’s blog for race recaps, injury prevention tips, and training updates: Uptempo- If you’re ever on the fence about signing up for a race, just HIT THAT SUBMIT BUTTON!!! You won’t regret it!- Subscribe to my triathlon YouTube channel for triathlon tips, training/racing vlogs, and reviews: Jeremy Tri- Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my swim/bike/run adventures: @thetriathletebeat- Hit me up on Twitter for podcast topics, guest recommendations, questions, etc.: @triathletebeat- Please don't forget to rate and subscribe to #TheTriathleteBeat podcast on whichever app that you listen on, and share with family and friends. It would mean the world to me if you left a review for the podcast as well.Thanks for coming by :)- Jeremy Tri
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