46 minutes | Mar 24, 2020

Competitive Mountain and Road Cycling with Simone Berger

On this episode, we are joined by competitive cyclist Simone Berger! Simone trains and competes throughout the year in both mountain bike and road bike races, all while working a full time job as the Marketing Content Specialist for Modernizing Medicine in Boca Raton, FL.Simone and I met up after both of our work days and discussed a variety of topics, including how Simone got into cycling via Salsa lessons, the difference between mountain bike races and road bike races, and practical tips on how beginners can get into the wonderful sport of cycling.When Simone isn’t shooting photos or videos or tearing it up on the bike trails, you can find her doing yoga and dancing salsa. Shoutout to ModMed for letting us use the “green screen room” to record this podcast! Simone is such a great person and is truly passionate about cycling...I think it really shines through in this chat. *Note: This podcast was originally recorded on May 2, 2019.- Follow Simone Instagram: @simoneinspandex- Download the best cycling (and swimming, running, etc.) app if you don’t have it already: Strava- Learn how to fix a flat tire a la YouTube- Find a legit video on how to fix a flat tire with a dollar bill, and send it to me on Twitter @triathletebeat!!!- Subscribe to my triathlon YouTube channel: Jeremy Tri- Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my swim/bike/run adventures: @thetriathletebeat- Please don't forget to rate and subscribe to #TheTriathleteBeat podcast on whichever app that you listen on, and share with family and friends. It would mean the world to me if you left a review for the podcast as well.Thanks for coming by :)- Jeremy Tri
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